3 Reasons why to go for a Smart Home
3 Reasons why to go for a Smart Home – SmartNode

Every lazy champ has once dreamed of wanting to switch on or off the fan by lousing around the couch or just switch off the light before going to sleep without having to cross the entire room.


Well that’s now possible with help of Smart Node. Just like your smart phone has made your life easier, this will also aid you with technology allowing you to control your appliances by a click. The entire concept of smart home relies on this. The prime technology being used as IOT helping in connecting the home appliances with Wi-Fi.


We can’t give you Thirteen reasons why to choose Smart Home but can definitely give you legitimate reasons to assure that it is a change worth accepting.


The prime motivating factors are:


1. Security:

Through surveillance and continuous monitoring, we can keep a check on who is entering or leaving our home as in today’s era, every individual is a working professional and for such needs, Smart Home is the need of the hour.

2. Appliance Control:

Coming home after running errands in a warm hot day, we all would love to be greeted by a cooled home which we can control through our mobile by sitting in any corner of the world. Controlling any of the appliances like fans, bulbs, led’s or AC’s just becomes easier.

3. Energy Saving:

It may happen that we have forgotten to switch off the light while leaving for work or after the maid goes, she might have left it on; for all such situations and times our bill shoots up for unnecessary reasons, we can take it under our control and save energy.


Smart Home is no more a luxury but a mere necessity. One can control curtain movements according to their sleep patterns, home appliances and all thanks to IOT by a single pre requisite of Wi-Fi at your home. We promise to convert your home into a smart one in just half an hour!

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