Change your home into Smart Home with these 5 Retrofit Smart Home devices
Change your home into Smart Home with these 5 Retrofit Smart Home devices – SmartNode

We are living in the golden age of technology where nowadays everything we think about is possible. We all started from using corded phones and computers then reached to the time when we use to take mini computers in our pockets which was capable of multiple number of simultaneous communication function that helped us a lot in every way. Then the smartphones came into our world after 2000s which we consider as one of the major tech development that brought a drastic change in everyone’s life and the next big step that was taken after 2010s will be the development of the Smart Homes.

Smart Home system generally refer to the appliances, system or devices that connects into the one common network that can be independently controlled. You can imagine how easy everything becomes when your home technology works together in one system.


Now the new trend has come of retrofit Smart Home where even if your home is old, you can change it into a smart home. There are some devices which will help you change your existing home into smart Home.


These Smart Home devices are Wifi-enabled. So, there is no need of re-wiring or renovation.


Hereby we’ve mentioned some of the retrofit Smart Home devices that you should consider getting if you’re looking forward to change your home into smart home.


1. IR Blaster (Universal remote)

It is a home automation device that works as an individual remote control for all the devices like AC, Audio player, TV and many other. If you’re thinking that it is something like central hub then NO you’re wrong. This is a home automation device that connects with all your secondary device and controls it the way you want it to control.


This is way more user friendly than you think. By using this the user can sit still in one place and he/she can handle all the devices from one place itself in the room using SmartNode mobile application or voice enabled devices like Alexa.


User can power on TV, set channel of Set-Top Box, temperature of AC and many unimaginable features.


IR blaster is the one module that will help you change your normal home into a Smart Home just in a blink of time. So, relax and enjoy your movie time comfortably!!!!


2. Curtain Module

Have you ever considered your curtain playing role in Smart Home? Then you should know that curtains play a huge part when it comes to the designing your home. How you decorate your window with which styles plays a large part when it comes to overall appearance of home. Electric curtain not only adds an elegance to your room but also helps you in a lot of ways. By adding the curtain module you can add an amazing look to your home combined with convenience and automation.


Curtain module is a retrofit home automation device that will help you automate almost each and every type of motorized curtains. This whole system can be operated by one application or it can be handled by voice controlled devices like Google home or Alexa as well as the physical switches. It schedules to Open/Close the curtains automatically according your setting and also there will be no harm if you even move it with your hands


3. RGB Module

When it comes to drawing the attention of the lighting display of your home then LED lights can be extremely beneficial. LED is the one main module that is trending when it comes to home décor because everyone knows that lighting is the one main factor of Smart Home appearance and if it goes wrong in anyway than it makes your home look extremely bad. Thus with the normal lighting you can add a hint of LED module which will make your home look more classic and elegant.


To get this ability to use any color you will need RGB module which will help you control the any kind of color mode just the way you want it to be. When it comes to choosing the right RGB module you may get a little overwhelmed by all the option available but it depends on your choice of color and combination you want to make when it comes to decorating your home.


This RGB light module helps you in many way like you can control the color module and the pattern of color with your Smart phone as well as Alexa and Google Home. This can become one another module that can help you turn your home in a Smart Home and make it look mesmerizing.


4. Touch Switches

You might think that how can these touch switch make your home turn into Smart Home right? Well you might think that these touch switches look same as normal switch board. If you’re really thinking that than you’re wrong. Normal switch boards have physical switches with the wiring in its back part and you also know that you cannot touch the switch board with wet hands and also there can be risk of getting electric shock if the wiring gets improper or if short circuit takes place.


Where the Touch switches may look a bit alike to the normal switch board but its functionalities are way better than that. It has LED backlights which will help you find the switches even in the darkness plus it can also be controlled with the application, you don’t have to switch it on physically. You don’t even need to press heavily, just the light touch on the switch and you will be able to turn on/off your electric devices easily plus its design is very elegant and it’s waterproof such that even if you touch it with wet hands you will not get any kind of electric shock. Thus there are various benefits of having a touch switch in your Smart Home and it is always better to use something that is valuable and safe for you.


5. Lighting Module

Have you ever considered that the light automation can help your home turn into a Smart home? Well if no, then you should surely consider it not because it is getting popular day by day or it has become new trend but there are many benefits of having a lighting module in your home. This lighting module add comfort and convenience to your home by adding it to your lights, fans and other electrical appliances. This also helps in reducing the overall electricity consumption by attaching it to any device in your home and the feature that makes it turn your home into Smart Homes that, you can operate it from anywhere at anytime you want.


Now you know what are the benefits of having these smart devices at your home than what are you waiting for. Go buy them and help yourself change your home into Smart Home with the real smart system!


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