How does a retrofit smart home work
How does a retrofit smart home work? – SmartNode

Home automation is a concept in lined with the evolution of the human race. It’s no more considered to be a luxury but a very regular aspect that comes in handy with the lifestyle we wish to lead with the added perks of energy conservation, efficiency and the feel of having your precious home secured in your pocket. The technology used in Smart Home Automation popularly known as IoT or Internet of Things connects all the devices present in home with internet which is accessible by a single click on your mobile.

The setting of retrofit:

Retrofit is the amalgam of new technology syncing in with the old one without any obstructions. Retrofitting is a basic term in construction: to update your house from an old costly building to a modern energy efficient building which will slash your energy bill costs. This is how we approach a Retrofit. The contract also states that the works must be carried out in compliance with current building regulations. It’s a device which is placed behind your existing switch board and manages the chaotic tasks of rewiring and changing the ambience of your home. Once you have fitted retrofit at your place, the appliances are managed with the help of IoT with the only prerequisite of having Wi-Fi at your place from making your ordinary place to your Smart Home.


The best part of having us, Smart Node to help you make your home a Smart Home is we give you the edge of starting with just one room. If by converting one room to a smart one and you are at ease with it, you may give us a call which you definitely will and then plan on to make your entire home a Smart Home.


We promise to give you your dream Smart Home within 30 minutes, by the time you wish to celebrate your Home change and order a pizza and wait for its delivery, we with a lightning speed will resolve all your lightning problems and make you capable of tackling them with just a click on your mobile. There won’t be any change in your house aesthetics and yet you would be able to enjoy the perks of Smart Home.


No extra charges are required and there is also warrantee assurance given by our specialized technocrats who have designed this product. The only charge we take is for buying Retrofit and rest the installation and the maintenance charges are all free.


Given the ease of its operations and the only requirement of Wi-Fi, the product is one of the finest in its category and the added advantages are immeasurable. The journey of any transition has to be made simple and Smart Node gives you the assurance of ‘achche din ayenge’ with just a bit of our help.

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