Home Automation guide for beginners

What is Home Automation?

A) Home automation is the set of technologies for remotely controlling various devices around your home;

Home Automation Types

1. Wired System 2. Wireless System

All devices are connected to the main controller that is known as Programmable Logic Controller in this type of home automation system.

Wired System

A wireless home automation system can be easily installed and used for various home-control functions.

Wireless System

1. Controllers 2. IR Blaster 3. Smart Switches 4. Security

Explore Smart Home Products

This lighting automation controller enables you to simply and intuitively monitor, control, and schedule all of your devices and appliances  in your home.

Lighting Automation Controller

With a Curtain Controller one can automate almost all types of motorized curtains and shades as per his/her needs.

Curtain Controller

The RGB Controller is a module that controls the RGB strip that enhances the ambience in your home.

RG Controller

IR Blaster is a universal remote that helps you replace your traditional remotes.

IR Blaster Remote

Smart Touch Switches are wifi enabled wall switches that can be completely controlled from your mobile device.

Smart Touch Switches

Smart home products do not just increase the level of convenience for the users. They can lower the energy bill, increase the level of home’s security and create a perfect ambience for mood enhancement.