Make Your Home Smarter with SmartNode Home Automation

SmartNode offers a range of products to automate your home and make it a Smart Home. SmartNode home atuomation systems are very easy to install and use.
It adds comfort and luxury to your life while providing benefits like energy and time.
You have the opportunity to make your smartphone the watchman of your house. Carry it wherever you go, around the world. SmartNode makes your life stress-free and smarter.

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No re-wiring or renovation of house
Convenient & easy-to-use application
Energy Saving
Reduces bill by preventing wasting of electricity
Time Saving
Schedule your appliances as per need
No re-wiring or
renovation of
Convenient &
Reduces bill by
preventing wasting
of electricity
Energy Saving
Schedule your
appliances as
per need
Time Saving

Your Home in your SmartPhone

Use SmartNode application to control everything in your house. You can keep an eye on all your home appliances from any part of the globe.

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Feel the Unexpected!!!
Hello…I am SmartNode! I’m here to make your life easy & increase comfort. I can also help you save power, energy & time. I can be easily retrofitted to adjust with almost no additional costs. You can even schedule me to work on your behalf! Try me & make your life smarter…


Three Ways to Control Your Home

Physical Control

Appliances can be controlled using wall mounted Traditional Switches or SmartNode Touch Switches

Mobile App Control

SmartNode application can be downloaded on Android and iOS phones and can be operated from anywhere in the world

Hands-Free Voice Control

SmartNode products are compatible with voice enabled devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Lighting Module (8-Node, 4-Node, 2-Node & 1-Node)

The Retrofit Lighting Modules gets connected directly to Wifi and can be used to automate any types of appliances.

  • Heavy Loads (A.C., Geyser and many more)
  • Noiseless Fan Dimming (Humming less)
  • All types of Lights (CFLs, Tube lights, LEDs and many more)
  • Manual switch works as it is

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Curtain Module

The Retrofit Curtain module can be used to automate any type of curtains. We also provide Touch Switch for physical operation.

  • Almost all types of Blinds
  • Almost all types of Curtains
  • Touch Switch gives attractive look
  • Can be scheduled for automatic operation

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RGB Mood Light Controller

The Retrofit RGB Mood Light Controller is connected to an RGB LED strip or to rope lights. We can change it to any colour as well as change the brightness.

  • 16 million colour options to chose from
  • Adjustable colour temperature
  • Customizable colour patterns
  • Convert your house into a party house or a romantic dinner place as per your mood

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Touch Switches

Our Smart Touch Switches add elegance to the interiors of any house. Any combination of Touch Switches is possible. Smart Touch Switches comes in two colours: Black and White.

  • Operable with SmartNode Application
  • Operable with Voice enabled devices
  • Operable with remote
  • Live reflection on Touch Switch boards

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Automate your home in three steps
Install SmartNode devices
Connect SmartNode devices with WiFi Router
Control your appliances with SmartNode application