6 Ways to Turn Your Home In to Cost-Effective Smart Home

In the hot city like Ahmedabad even winter seems equal to negligible because of high population which ultimately results as more amount of pollution.
But when it comes to Home Automation in Ahmedabad, everyone seeks to find the cost-effective and easiest way to handle their home.
When everything comes to saving money at home, first thing that’s takes place in mind is switching off lights, fans and striving for shorter heating and cooling cycles when it is not necessary to use.
Well it’s not easy to get your home automated when one has to also pass through the various steps of Home Automation such as installing, replacing, upgrading the current appliances and maintenance.
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Change your home into Smart Home with these 5 Retrofit Smart Home devices – SmartNode

We are living in the golden age of technology where nowadays everything we think about is possible. We all started from using corded phones and computers then reached to the time when we use to take mini computers in our pockets which was capable of multiple number of simultaneous communication function that helped us a lot in every way. Then the smartphones came into our world after 2000s which we consider as one of the major tech development that brought a drastic change in everyone’s life and the next big step that was taken after 2010s will be the development of the Smart Homes.

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How does a retrofit smart home work? – SmartNode

Home automation is a concept in lined with the evolution of the human race. It’s no more considered to be a luxury but a very regular aspect that comes in handy with the lifestyle we wish to lead with the added perks of energy conservation, efficiency and the feel of having your precious home secured in your pocket. The technology used in Smart Home Automation popularly known as IoT or Internet of Things connects all the devices present in home with internet which is accessible by a single click on your mobile.

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3 Reasons why to go for a Smart Home – SmartNode

Every lazy champ has once dreamed of wanting to switch on or off the fan by lousing around the couch or just switch off the light before going to sleep without having to cross the entire room.


Well that’s now possible with help of Smart Node. Just like your smart phone has made your life easier, this will also aid you with technology allowing you to control your appliances by a click. The entire concept of smart home relies on this. The prime technology being used as IOT helping in connecting the home appliances with Wi-Fi.

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Enhance your home

It’s one of the coolest gadgets, isn’t it? Unleash the true power of this very smart assistant to get more things done. We’ve designed the Polar to integrate with it and make your AC work on your command. Literally
We’ve all been there—walking through the door into a dark house, arms full. Wouldn’t it be nice to tell your house to offer a helping hand? Now you can. A simple voice command—such as “Alexa, turn on Welcome”—lights up the hallway and kitchen, fires up your favourite Pandora station, while the door locks itself behind you.

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