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Smart Home Devices You Must Have To For Greater Peace Of Mind

Man resting on sofa commanding alexa to dim the light using smart home automation system

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Home is a space where sweatpants come on, and we can truly unwind.

Now imagine a home with the liberty to answer the door or switch on the light without having to get off the couch, to set a water geyser to heat water while still snoozing the morning alarm, to stop worrying about the kids being alone at home.

It’s all possible….thanks to smart home technology. 

These groundbreaking and innovative marvels let us access the next-level control and convenience at home that was once part of our air castles.

What Is A Smart Home?

Smart homes are equipped with smart devices. These appliances can be controlled remotely through an internet connection using mobile, other networked devices, or a voice assistant.

While we all are amazed at the jaw-dropping pace with which smart home devices have evolved over the past decade, their rising popularity comes as no surprise. 

After all, they are rightfully enriching our lives with greater comfort, security, and efficiency that takes the little stresses out of our daily routine so we can fully enjoy the moment.

So let’s look at smart home devices that make home space more comforting and life more peaceful.

1. Smart Speakers

A smart home is incomplete without smart speakers. 

From simple things like playing music to crucial things like connecting with emergency services, smart speakers can do it all.

Simply use voice commands, and you can expect them to perform a whole range of functions – play your favourite playlist, tell real-time weather forecast, control lights, order products, search the internet, set reminders and calendars, and many other things depending on how many other smart home devices it is connected to.

2. Smart Security

While we certainly love the element of luxury a smart home brings, its ability to offer all-around video surveillance and security completely steals the spotlight.

Its interconnected camera and motion sensors system will help you keep a watchful eye on your home using your smartphone even while you’re away. 

With the indoor system, you can monitor your children, pets, and aged parents, and the outdoor system can catch any suspicious activity around the house.

The best part is the security devices are not standalone; the IFTTT technology enables them to work together in tandem. 

That means when the motion detector triggers a security light, which triggers the camera and sends you a notification to your smartphone.

3. Smart doorbells

These nifty little things come with a bunch of cool features that let you monitor and talk to the person at the door without leaving off the couch, or even better, without being home yourself!

Ever happened to you that you avoid falling asleep because you wouldn’t hear the doorbell ring if you did? Smart doorbells set up doorbell rings on your smartphone and let you sleep without worrying about missing the doorbell ring.

 4. Smart lighting

This is the entry point to the fascinating world of home automation. It lets you control your home lighting, program lighting scenes, and schedule just with a swipe of a finger.

Now sit back comfortably right where you are and watch it create a perfect lighting ambience for you, whether it’s bedtime after a long night of binge-watching your favourite Netflix show, a high-octane party time, a relaxing Sunday brunch, or a game night with buddies.

5. Smart Curtains

Your elegant-looking blinds and curtains deserve to be smart too.

Add a touch of smart home automation to open and close them smoothly without pulling them aside, with no sound.

Depending on your mood, you can choose to go hand free or connect with a mobile phone. You can also program it to open and close at a specific time or as per natural lighting or sync it with the smart lighting in the home for more creative scenes and scheduling.

By doing so, you can also add an extra layer of security and appear to be home when you are not.

Now it’s time to get a feel of peace of mind with a smart home! Get in touch with our home automation experts now.

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