How WiFi switches are making homes smart

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Jump To Section Introduction  What are wifi switches How do WiFi switches work? WiFi switches features Benefits of WiFi switches Introduction Setting up your smart home? Start with WiFi switches!!! Smart home technology is on fire. Why? Everything a Sci-Fi writer could ever imagine is showing up as an insanely useful smart home device. The […]

Have You Switched To A Touch Switch?

smart node touch switch

Have you ever struggled to turn on/off switches on rainy days because your hands were soaked in water? Yes, you would never touch your conventional electrical switches with wet hands, be it for the fear of getting an electric shock, or the poor design of your switchboard. Introducing touch switches Touch switches are the best […]

Modernize Your House with Smart Home Switches

Hello there! Have you ever forgotten to turn off lights or fans amidst a busy workday, and returned home to find the electricity bills skyrocketing? Don’t worry, this smart home switches will solve your problems effortlessly, and make sure your time and money are conserved! Automating your home is a brilliant way to make sure […]

Make Your Day More Relaxing And Fun with a Voice Controlled Home Automation System

Of late, I was left awestruck when I thought Hollywood movies were so ahead of time. How a work of fiction shown in those flicks has now become reality??? For example, Voice-controlled home automation systems. A decade ago, only 007 could voice-control his gadgets. But today this technology has made its way into our homes […]

Smart Home Automation And what wonders it can do for you

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Have you ever controlled your home with your voice?  Just like Tony Stark controls his lab with the help of his AI assistant in Marvel movies?  What if I tell you, You can do that in real life?  No! No! This is not just a Movie or an imaginary thing anymore. This is possible now, […]

Home Automation guide for beginners

What is Home Automation? Home automation is the set of technologies for remotely controlling various devices around your home; Such as light switches, door locks, thermostats and anything else that can be controlled by electrical signals. In this digital age, ‘home automation system’ is not a novel concept.  However, its popularity has increased over […]