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Have You Switched To A Touch Switch?

smart node touch switch

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Have you ever struggled to turn on/off switches on rainy days because your hands were soaked in water?

Yes, you would never touch your conventional electrical switches with wet hands, be it for the fear of getting an electric shock, or the poor design of your switchboard.

Introducing touch switches

Touch switches are the best alternative for traditional switches since you only need to give it a slight touch for turning it on/off.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

What is more exciting is that now you can replace all the traditional switches in your house with touch switches!

So, the next time either during the rainy season or when you get soaked in water because of any other reasons, you don’t need to worry.

You can touch your switches without the fear of shock, or even better, use an IR remote to switch on any electrical device at your home.

Surprised? Wait, there’s much more.

It will not only upgrade your standard of living but will also free you from the pain and inconvenience of using regular switches. It’ll simplify your daily life.

‘But how?’ you may ask. It is because of the robust features that touch switches come with:

·   Compact and modular

·   Shockproof and water-resistant

·   Smart calibration

·   Multiple dimming with a single touch

·   Remote control

·   Recognizable at night

Still, have you got no idea how it will make your life smarter and easier? Relax, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some excellent touch switch advantages that make it more preferable than any other electrical switches:

If you’ve got little kids at home, then you would know they can be destructive sometimes. Since you can’t always keep an eye on them, you risk either your kid may get hurt or your switchboard gets damaged. However, this will not be the case with touch switches.

The surface of the touch switch is made of thick film materials like glass and acrylic, protecting them from the harshest of environments, dirt, dust, and moisture. This quality makes it long-lasting. So it saves you money on repairs and maintenance as well.

There are situations when your old parents or grandparents cannot frequently move to operate basic electrical devices. In such situations, touch switches come in handy. 

The elderly at your home no longer have to look for someone every time they want to switch on/off a fan, light, AC, or TV. Then, how are they supposed to operate? Touch switches with the integrated smart technology provide you an option for remote control. You can control all of your switches through an IR remote or a mobile app. Sounds cool, right?

So, do you like your house’s interiors to be aesthetically appealing? If yes, then touch switches are the best option for you because they are styled in such a way that they would go with any décor you choose for your house.

Do you often aimlessly search for switches on the wall at night? With a Smart Node touch switch, you don’t have to. A touch switch comes with backlighting so that you can locate it even in darkness.


So, we can say that touch switches are versatile in all aspects. The durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of Smart Node touch switches make them the best option for an electrical switch. And why not? Touch switches will be ideal for your future smart home.

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