A day in a Smart Home

Good Morning

Morning start with touch of gentle sun light

  • Automatic curtain open
  • A.C turn off
  • geyser start on schedule time
Leaving home with peace

Smart home means safe home; leave home without tension

  • Smart door lock protection
  • Live notification direct on your smart phone
Access from anywhere

24*7 safe, secure and under your control

  • Sensor alert
  • Track appliances activity
Coming back

Set custom scene on your arrival

  • Custom scene
  • Cool your home before you reach
Perfect Movie Time

Set the best environment for movie night

  • Mood lighting
  • Light Dimmer
good night

Sleep peacefully

Create custom scene for night with one click

  • Custom scene
  • mood lighting

Wait! There is much more

  • Smart lighting
  • Easy control
  • Access with your voice
  • One click scene execution
  • Schedule anything
Create your Smart Home

We have the products that give you full control of nearly everything at home—no matter where you may be.