What is 8-Node ?

SmartNode ‘8-Node’ module is a retrofit home automation device that gets connected directly to Wi-Fi and can smarten up to 8 appliances. Each of these 8 devices are operable with physical switches, ‘SmartNode’ application as well as voice controlled devices like Alexa.

  • Easy & Quick Installation
  • Compatible with SmartNode Touch Switches
  • Lightening Speed App Response
  • No need of Central Hub or Controller
  • Schedule any appliance
  • Lock the physical switch of any appliance
  • Can be accessed via Alexa and Google Home

Technical Specifications
Operational Range 100V-240V
Power consumption 0.6W Idle, 3W Max
Mounting Inside switch boards
Enclosure ABS
WiFi 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/n
Firmware Update Over the air

All dimension in cm

Retrofittable works with both

Traditional Switches

SmartNode Touch Switches

How it Works ?

Installation Steps


  • Switch-Off the Main Power Supply and remove the respective switch-board
  • Remove the Off-Wire (Load wire) of the appliances from the switches and connect it to the respective connectors as mentioned in the manual
  • If Heavy load is present, please remove the phase wire and load wire from the respective switch and connect it to the SmartNode device at respective connector
  • Remove the phase from the switches and connect it to the SmartNode 8-Node device at ‘Ph’ and connect the Neutral wire to the SmartNode 8-Node device at ‘N’
  • Now, insert the connector to the 8-Node device with the small arrow on the connector facing frontwards
  • Connect the Black wire from the bunch of connector wires to the common of the switches (to the point from where you removed the phase wire) and connect the other wires from the connector as mentioned in the manual (Each color wire corresponds to a specific load)
  • Fit the switchboard back as it was before and turn on the Main Power Supply (As soon as the device starts there would be beep sound)
  • Turn On/Off the switch corresponding to Blue wire from the connector for 10 times and device will enter the configuration mode and follow the steps as mentioned in the manual
  • The device will get connected to your Wi-Fi network and now, you can operate these appliances with SmartNode application