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Do you have a smart switch? 4 Reasons why smart switches are beneficial for your home

smart switch

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While away from home, do you often feel agitated by these little persistent thoughts like:

Did I turn the A.C off?

Did I activate the security alarm system?

Are my kids watching television instead of doing homework?

Now, just sit back and relax because smart switches have come to your rescue. Thanks to advanced technology that our most used/useful devices and appliances can talk with one another. Yes, you read that right.

Smart switches connect these devices to a common home network through Wi-Fi, which you can access via tablet or smartphone from anywhere, anytime! That seems cool, isn’t it?

For instance, smart home switches can help you control lights, security cameras, television, and even hard-wired appliances like waste disposal units, fireplaces, and dishwashers. 

Smart switches or Wi-Fi switches are designed to replace traditional built-in switches. They can be installed using your existing in-wall back boxes. Yes, you can still turn your appliances on or off just as you always did, but smart switches provide you with much greater control. It turns your home into a fully automated one. Sounds like a futuristic abode, right? That’s not all, smart home switches can help you in a lot of different ways apart from automation.

Here are some solid reasons why you should consider installing smart switches in your home:

  1. Smart switches allow you to manage all your home devices from a single place. All you need is an app on your smartphone or tablet and network connectivity. The convenience it comes up with has an enormous scope.
  2. Apart from performing basic on-off and dimming functions through your voice or an app, now it can do tasks like automatically turning on lights as you enter the room! Likewise, you can turn on your coffee maker while still in bed.
  3. Smart Switches for home provide the homeowners with greater control. This means you can make the most of your automated home devices and appliances through improved functionality. Technology comes to your rescue!
  4. Well, suppose you are baking a cake in the oven and amidst the process, and you have a guest visiting you. With the home automation switch installed, you need not worry about over-baking. The new smart oven will assist you to bake your cake to perfection.

Smart switches lead to better security and safer home. It is very useful for anyone with children at home or staying with elderly parents. Didn’t you get the idea? Let’s see how?

The alerts from your security systems will directly go to your smartphone so that you instantly know there’s a problem at home. Or when you are on vacation, you can set a most basic schedule, turning lights on and off to give the impression of your property having people in it. 

The most remarkable benefit of using home automation switches is the cheaper electricity bills. Yes, smart switch technology indeed makes it possible to create energy-efficient space. 

For instance, your lights and motorized shades can be scheduled to switch to an evening mode as the sunsets. Also, lights can turn on or off automatically as you enter or leave the room, so you never have to worry about wasting energy.

You cannot underestimate the power of being able to control your home devices from a distance. There are various ways you can leverage this feature. For instance, if the weather is exceptionally hot, you can easily reduce the temperature of your room beforehand through your app. Most importantly, a glance at your smartphone will tell if you turned off the lights before leaving and if not, you can do so right away.


Putting it all together, smart switches will only improve your lifestyle and will make the job of a homeowner much easier and enjoyable.

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