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Make Your Day More Relaxing And Fun with a Voice Controlled Home Automation System

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Of late, I was left awestruck when I thought Hollywood movies were so ahead of time.

How a work of fiction shown in those flicks has now become reality???

For example, Voice-controlled home automation systems. A decade ago, only 007 could voice-control his gadgets. But today this technology has made its way into our homes too.

Want to feel the cool air of AC but too tired to get off the couch?

Ever struggled to turn on the music with an elbow while kneading the dough?

How many times do you rush to the bathroom to check your geyser?

Seems like the everyday struggle, huh?

Not any more….with the voice-controlled home automation systems, you will feel the ultimate luxury of having an assistant ever ready to follow your command, cut down unnecessary hassle, and save your valuable time.

Seems like straight from a Sci-fi? No….This technology is real and getting better every day. You are just a second away to know how to leverage the hidden powers of your voice to control home and feel like a boss.

What is Voice Controlled Home Automation System?

It is a network of voice assistants and smart speakers integrated with your home devices. You can control these devices just by talking to them. Yes! There’s no need to use your touch screen device.   

So how does it work??

Simply put, you are communicating with a cloud-based system of voice assistant. It receives voice from smart speakers, converts it to text, interprets and executes the command through the connected smart speaker or a home device.

How to get it to perform a specific task?

Simply activate it with the “wake word” (Alexa or Ok Google!!) to alert the system. It will listen to your command and perform the task.

Popular Voice Assistants

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also mainstream voice assistants. Use these voice assistants to control your home and office automation. Say ‘Ok Google, please turn on the lights’, or ‘Alexa, please change the song’.

To eliminate the use of an external voice–assistant, manufacturers are now looking to build appliances with in-built speakers and microphones. Although it’s still in its infant stage, these one-step control systems can change the way our household operates.     


10 best ways you can use your voice to control your home

Gone are the days when home-automation was viewed as a luxury for millionaires. Now, technology is outdoing itself every day. So, here are the 10 best ways you can use your voice to control your home and get hooked to them.

  1. Lights

Yes, we now have lights that listen! Just say those magical words… “Dim the light” or even change the color of these lights to change the mood of your evening by “Set bedroom to ruby glow”. Control one or more with your voice.

For those who are too scared to enter into the dark to find the switch. Or those who stretch their arms endlessly in futile attempts to switch off the lights while lying down in bed, or those who love making smart choices in life, this is what you need.

  • Televisions

The new-gen smart TVs come with sleek designs. With voice commands, you can turn on or switch off your TV, look up program information, watch what you want to and when you want.

  • Music system

Do not be surprised if your friends prefer to hang out at your place more often than ever. Creating and accessing playlists, playing audio and video files is now easy… enhance your mood while you dance to your favorite tunes.

  • Security system

Control your safety just by saying the commands to arm and disarm the security panel, lock and unlock the door, open and close the garage door, and much more!

  • Kitchen appliances

With a kitchen armed with a smart fridge, microwave, coffee maker, air fryer, etc., your partner will now enjoy the kitchen duties.

  • Laundry

Voice-enabled washers and dryers, so filthy clothes do not keep you from basking in weekend fun.

  • Home Theatre

Change channels or mange the volume level of your speakers. Control your entire entertainment setup with voice assistants.

  • Curtains

Do you fight with those hardly moving curtains every morning? Get those sleek and smooth sailing voice-operated curtains for stress-free mornings.

  • AC and thermostat

Go hands-free to maintain your cool… Nothing can beat the feeling of entering a room with a set thermostat or AC after a long and tiring day.

  1. Perform various other tasks!

Ask questions, book a ride, check the weather, shop, play games, listen to a podcast, Find a recipe….

Summing it up To sum it up, a voice-controlled home automation system is here to define new standards of living as comfortable, convenient, and efficient.

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