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Smart Home Automation And what wonders it can do for you

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Have you ever controlled your home with your voice? 

Just like Tony Stark controls his lab with the help of his AI assistant in Marvel movies? 

What if I tell you, You can do that in real life? 

No! No! This is not just a Movie or an imaginary thing anymore.

This is possible now, and we helped over 5000+ families to experience the same in their day to day life. And they loved it. 

And the good part is you don’t need to build your own A.I assistant (like tony stark did) to experience smart home life.

You already have your Assistant, Yes I am talking about your smartphone.

With an app like Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control your home with your voice.

But the question is, HOW?

How’s that happen?

Relax, We are here to help you out.

To connect your home with Alexa or google assistant you need something called smart wifi module, Well that’s the name smart home industry people gave. 

But you can say “my smart ninja box”.

That module fits in the backend of your existing switchboard, and boom that’s it your home is upgraded to a smart home. Congratulations!

You can now control it with your voice or even with our smart home app from anywhere in the world.

We are now coming to the most exciting part of having home automation. What wonder you do with this?

Ok then, below I Have shared the most interesting and coolest thing you can do with your smart home.

Note: These are just a few examples of how smart homes can do wonders for you. In the next article, I’ll come with more smart home ideas. 

Real-Time Notification: As I said you can control your home anywhere from the world and anytime, Not only that, You can receive LIVE notification of your home appliances status directly to your phone notification bar. 

Isn’t that amazing? 

Let’s guess you are out of town and someone from your home left hall A.C ON; You can check the A.C status and turn it OFF with a tap on your phone screen.

Custom Scenes: This is my favorite thing about a smart home. 

Let me give an example so that you can understand the magic of this feature. 

Let’s say you came from your office, and you just commanded your home “Hey google or Alexa I am home”, In the next seconds; the main hall light starts, A.C starts, and the curtain opens automatically without pressing a single switch. This just one of the examples you can do with a custom scene feature

Scheduling: Well if you are like me; forgetting to switch off A.C or light when leaving home, this is a blessing for us. 

With this feature, I can just set up a rule like when I leave my house; everything turns off automatically at the particular time I set.

That’s it next time when I leave my home I don’t have to worry about anything, except for one thing, whether I closed the door or not. 

Btw Smart Homes also have solutions for this. Just keep reading.

Now The most important part of any smart home is Security. Everything is fine but is it safe? So let me tell you the smart home is not only safe to use but also make your home more secure. 

Mood Lighting: Change your mood by just changing the color of the lighting: This thing famous as mood lighting, you might also hear about this on the internet. With mood lighting, you can set any color to match your mood or choose any color to change your mood. And all of this happened in a few clicks on your mobile phone. 

As I said, These are just a few examples of how smart homes can do wonders for you. In the next article, I’ll come with more smart home ideas.

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