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5 Reasons Why to Invest in Smart Touch Switches Over Old Traditional Switch

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A luxury or a utility?- What would you call the smart touch switches?

Well, we can safely say that the time has come when smart touch switches have made their way into the homes of the general masses. And how?

Only a decade ago, smart touch switches used to evoke a sense of awe, making us think that these high-tech marvels could exclusively be found in elite class ‘mansions or luxury hotels. Nonetheless, our astonishment at these beauties hasn’t waned even a tad bit!

But what has changed is that smart touch switches are now much more accessible and affordable than earlier.

1. Because We Always Race For More Convenience

And smart touch switches are synonymous with convenience.

How else would you define an object that empowers you to control different electrical devices in a room, such as fans, lights, and other connected appliances, in one touch?

Smart switches make a more handy option than traditional switches for homeowners looking to upgrade their homes with the best of functionality.

  • Control your home from anywhere via smartphone app or voice assistants or IR remote. And by control, we mean more than just on/off functions; you can regulate fan speed or create dimmed light settings with great ease.
  • Quite often, when your old parents are not very mobile, and you do not want them to get up and fumble with manual switches, smart touch switch is the right choice.
  • The biggest deterrent that keeps homeowners from upgrading to smart switches is the notion that their installation is a big hassle. In reality, their retro lift design makes installation a matter of a few minutes, plus no modification in internal wiring is required.

2. Because The Transformation From Boring To Breath-taking Is Easy.

Conventional switches are sometimes aesthetically neglected. The only switches we pay attention to are the ones that become loose and make us pound to make them work or those that keep disconnecting.

However, with elegantly sleek designs, you can’t resist replacing your old switches with modern smart touch switches and giving a stunning touch to your home.

  • The wide range of colours and configurations enhance the aesthetic appeal and interior furnishing of the space they reside in.
  • The sleek glass panels are durable, mostly non-discoloring and easy to clean, and always look new.

3. Because You Can Exercise Control Over Them Even In Your Absence

Imagine controlling your light HVAC settings through remote access on the way home from work and coming home to a perfectly lit and cozy place.

Switching to smart touch switches could be your first step into the exciting world of home automation.

  • By coupling them with motion sensors, you can turn on the lights when your car rolls in the driveway or turn off while leaving the house.
  • When connected to the heating system, the smart switches can be controlled to switch on before you reach home.
  • Make curtains and blinders open and close without wasting time or having to get up from the couch.

4. Because Scheduling Is Simplifying.

We all are busy. These Smart Switches also can help you declutter mundane tasks from our hectic lifestyle with the help of scheduled programming. Just create personalized schedules and leave them to the smarties.

  • Have your lights or appliances like thermostat switched on or off at a selected  time of the day.
  • Set your smart lock door routine so that it locks automatically without remembering to lock it manually.
  • Programme lights to turn on at a predefined time every evening to make it look like someone’s home, when you are away on vacation.

5. Because Safety First

Well, for some people, it’s more about safety and less about convenience. If you are one of those, then smart touch switches might well be your safest choice.

  • The shockproof quality and feather touch sensors let you operate them with wet hands too.
  • No emission of hazardous radiation.
  • Difficult to hack.

We are sure that by now you have understood the versatility of smart touch switches and agree that they are worth the investment.

Want to replace your old switches with smart touch switches already?

Contact Smart Node experts now.

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Customer Reviews

Smart Node

Customer Reviews

Tejas Shah 1 September 2020

Excellent performance, too good. Made in India, made in Vadodara. Proud to see such a good manufacturer. Automation works at its best. App is smooth. Also their decides can be connected to Alexa and Google home. Overall amazing experience, writing review after 2 months. Kudos to Smart Node team.

Keshav Yadav 28 September 2020

Smart home devices are about more than just convenience. They can also help you save on heating and energy costs, create routines or some scene settings and for all these things SmartNode is best home automation. 👍👌👌

Jaymin Mody a year ago

Very hardworking and innovative team. Good after sale service.

RUSHAL DUDHAT a year ago

Reliable, easy to use and install home automation products.
I saw their live demo and was very impressed with the product

Hardik Jagana a year ago

Easy installation, no need rewiring...
I used this product last 1 year ....no error , nothing happened uptill now ... thanks to smart home automation for easier way to my life

Nik Shah a year ago

Simply awesome. Easy installation , fast service. Operate your home from anywhere in the world. Make in India product. Kudos to your team.. 👏👏😊

Pallav Brahmbhatt a year ago

It is one of the best automation service available at our doorstep. Great product with variety of functionality brought to our fingers. Happy to see my dumb electricity consumption rate turning into smart consumption rate as i can control idle appliances from any part of the world. Awesome market coverage too to provide easy, quick and best solution for customers. Awesome automation with great customer service and easy installation with any kind of existing electrical systems. Great!!!