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How WiFi switches are making homes smart

image that contains WIFI switch module

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Setting up your smart home? Start with WiFi switches!!!

Smart home technology is on fire. Why?

Everything a Sci-Fi writer could ever imagine is showing up as an insanely useful smart home device. The best part is, not all devices remain the luxury of Forbs Billionaires. Many of them are real deal devices that you can buy and use right away.

Here is our take on- What’s the deal with WiFi switches? Are they a smart addition to your home or just another tedious technology?

What are WiFi Switches?

Imagine the traditional wall switches connected over your home Wi-Fi network and enabled to control home lighting and other connected devices through a mobile app or smart speaker….

Voila!! Those can be defined as WiFi switches in the simplest words.

With Wi-Fi-controlled switches, you can feel “connected” to your electronics like lights, fans, TV, refrigerator, microwave, smart bulbs, home security system, etc. You can automate, control, monitor appliances, set desired lighting and music ambiance, and secure home.

How do WiFi switches work?

To put it simply, Wi-Fi switches are modules connected to your home’s switches and work remotely through Wi-Fi signals.

What’s more?? Wi-Fi switches also work from thousands of miles away so you can exercise control from anywhere, anytime. So as long as you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, you don’t need to worry!

Also, once installed, users can use the SmartNode mobile app over mobile network to operate those Wi-Fi Switches, provided that the switches are connected to the home Wi-Fi network.

Let’s walk you through some of the coolest automation features WiFi switches have:

  • “Alexa” turns on the living room lights with just one voice command to welcome you home after a long day at work. No need to cast your phone’s torchlight to spot the switches in a pitch-dark room.
  • “Google home” turns off the bedroom lights when Mrs. Sleepyhead refuses to leave the bed at night.
  • Smart dimmer tones down the light brightness when your baby is enjoying a quiet sleep in your arms.
  • Ditch those fan regulators. Fan speed control to take charge of all your fans with just a tap.
  • Curtains and blinds that open and close as smooth as butter with the flick of a switch. No need to pull them endlessly.
  • Child-lock mechanism to protect the switches from playful toggles by your kiddo.
  • Stay notified with live notifications. Vacationing in Shimla but left your curtains open at home? Receive live notifications and close the curtains from your hotel room. 

Benefits of WiFi switches

  • Convenience
  • Hassle-free and effective control over appliances
  • Improved user experience and comfortable lifestyle even for elderly
  • Efficient energy consumption and power saving
  • Better security


No investment is a waste if the ROI received is more than what’s invested. No wonder converting your existing switches into wifi switches is a worthwhile decision for your home and family.

Smart node wifi switch module will make this more justifiable. So be sure to reach out to us for upgrades and installation.

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image that contains WIFI switch module

How WiFi switches are making homes smart

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Want to convert your home into smart home in less than 30 minutes?

Customer Reviews

Smart Node

Customer Reviews

Tejas Shah 1 September 2020

Excellent performance, too good. Made in India, made in Vadodara. Proud to see such a good manufacturer. Automation works at its best. App is smooth. Also their decides can be connected to Alexa and Google home. Overall amazing experience, writing review after 2 months. Kudos to Smart Node team.

Keshav Yadav 28 September 2020

Smart home devices are about more than just convenience. They can also help you save on heating and energy costs, create routines or some scene settings and for all these things SmartNode is best home automation. 👍👌👌

Jaymin Mody a year ago

Very hardworking and innovative team. Good after sale service.

RUSHAL DUDHAT a year ago

Reliable, easy to use and install home automation products.
I saw their live demo and was very impressed with the product

Hardik Jagana a year ago

Easy installation, no need rewiring...
I used this product last 1 year ....no error , nothing happened uptill now ... thanks to smart home automation for easier way to my life

Nik Shah a year ago

Simply awesome. Easy installation , fast service. Operate your home from anywhere in the world. Make in India product. Kudos to your team.. 👏👏😊

Pallav Brahmbhatt a year ago

It is one of the best automation service available at our doorstep. Great product with variety of functionality brought to our fingers. Happy to see my dumb electricity consumption rate turning into smart consumption rate as i can control idle appliances from any part of the world. Awesome market coverage too to provide easy, quick and best solution for customers. Awesome automation with great customer service and easy installation with any kind of existing electrical systems. Great!!!